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"So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God" Romans 10:17

Weekdays-Times are in Mountain Standard Time-Arizona
1:00am        Answers in Genesis - Ken Ham
1:05am        Horizon Radio - Mike MacIntosh
2:00am        66/40 - Chuck Missler 
4:00am        On the Level - Pancho Juarez 
5:00am        Sound Doctrine - Jeff Johnson
6:00am           Somebody Loves You - Raul Ries
6:30am        Back to Basics - Brian Brodersen 
7:00am        Wisdom for Women - Debbi Bryson 
7:00am        Real Radio - Jack Hibbs
7:30am        The Word for Today - Chuck Smith 
8:00am        News 
8:00am        Searchlight - Jon Courson 
8:30am        A New Beginning - Greg Laurie 
9:00am        Hope for Today - David Hocking
9:30am        Just Thinking - Ravi Zacharias 
10:30am      Enduring Word - David Guzik  
11:30am            Rise Up Radio - Derek Neider
12:00pm      News
12:30pm      Worship
1:02pm        66/40 - Chuck Missler 
1:30pm        Somebody Loves You - Raul Ries
2:00pm           According to Scripture - Damian Kyle 
2:30pm        The Word for Today - Chuck Smith 
3:00pm        Pastor's Perspective-Summertime
4:00pm        Pastor's Perspective-Wintertime 
5:00pm        Movieguide          
5:02pm        A New Beginning - Greg Laurie
5:30pm        Searchlight - Jon Courson
6:00pm        News 
6:00pm        Horizon Radio - Mike MacIntosh 
7:00pm        Answers in Genesis - Ken Ham
7:00pm        On the Level - Pancho Juarez
8:00pm        In Your Faith - Joe Domico
8:30pm              My Dwelling Place- Al Pittman
10:00pm      News
10:00pm      Real Radio - Jack Hibbs
10:30pm      Music

8:00am      Lamplighter Theatre
4:00pm      Living Truth Radio - Michael Lantz 
5:00pm      News
6:00pm      6640-Chuck Missler
7:00pm      Pacific Justice Institute
8:00pm      Lamplighter Theatre

10:00pm    Unshackled

8:00am      Impact Radio - Galcom International 
12:00pm        News
4:00pm      Living Truth Radio - Michael Lantz
6:00pm      News
7:00pm      Bringing You Back-2 hours of Jesus Music 

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